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Gator Water Powered Dosing Pump 1:100

  • Product Code: gator1:100
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  • $450.00


              Simply the Best


GatorXL is the NUMBER ONE dosing pump used in several industries in the USA

Available in preset mixing ratios 1:100 and :128


GatorXL is designed and built as a heavy-duty industrial grade dosing pump to withstand years of continuous industrial use.

Made of glass filled polypropylene 400 PSI bursting strength, 4 times stronger than any other pump.


GatorXL has a longer piston with a longer stroke for longer life and reduced wear.


GatorXl is the only completely rebuild-able dosing pump available.

The piston runs in a sleeve rather than directly in the body of the pump, so a worn sleeve can be replaced rather than being forced to buy a new medicator.

 Better Design

Built on extensive consultation with farmers and industry.

Additives never contact the motor.

Diaphragm-less design for reliable, consistent application

 More Affordable

Made in house, our parts are typically 4-5 times less expensive compared to other brands.


GatorXl is purpose built to be easy to operate and repair. 

All modular design for easy maintenance, easy on-the-farm repair.

With our supporting suite of online videos virtually anyone can diagnose and repair common issues resulting from abrasive additives or dirty water.

 Longer Lasting

Our first units sold in May 1994 are still operating today.



Use in any commercially raised species, such as poultry, swine, cattle, rabbits, sheep, horses etc. For medication, vaccination, equipment disinfection, acidification, disinfecting cow teats, pipe line cleaning, vitamin and mineral supplementation, health treatments such as enzymes, probiotics, coccidiostats, and antibiotics, fogging for cooling, odor or dust control, cool cell pad algae cleaning, grooming of pets and horses.


Cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting of personnel, safety gear and vehicles.


Supply liquid fertiliser, acids, fungicides etc to greenhouse and field crops.


Applying fertiliser through a sprinkler or irrigation system for lawns, sport fields, etc.


For soaps, rinses, rim cleaners, waxes etc.


Disinfection in hospitals, restaurants, kitchens or food processors.


Sanitising equipment such as conveyors in processing plants.


Spraying of soluble oil as well as additives, cleaners, degreasers, anti-corrosion agents in the metal working industry.


Preservation (waxing) of fruit and odour, water, waste water and cooling tower treatment, mushroom sanitising etc.



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